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Friday, 14 October 2011


One Ok RocK - Pierce ( Lyrics In Description ) by ZarakiSasuke

*Romaji by me from official lyrics in the booklet*

Here with you now I'm good, still miss you
I don't know what I can do, we can't be true

Mitasareru kotonaku futari no kyori
Chijimatte iku tabi setsunai

Afuredashita omoi tsunorudakede
Uh It's hard for me to say

'Cuz we can see how it's going to end
But I got my love for you
Moshimo kono mama kimi wo wasureru kotogadekitara

Nante omoeba omouhodou ni
Kimi wo wasureru kono nante boku ni wa dekiruhazumonakute
We always wish tonight could last forever
I can be your side

I shouldn't be in your heart
Either the time we have spent
And I want you to know what the truth is
But sometimes it makes me feel so sick, oh no
I just can't say to you, No I won't

'Cuz we can see how it's going to end
But I got my love for you
Moshimo kono mama kimi wo wasureteshimattara

Nidoto aisukoto mo nai ka na?
Boku wa hontou ni sorede kokoro kara shiawase to ieru ka na?
Yes, we always wish tonight could last forever
I can be your side
And live life.

                        -Wakaouji Takafumi

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Kadang-kadang text messages yang dihantar seorang ibu itu, walaupun bukan berisi berita buruk, malah sebenarnya.. berita agak baik jugak la hahahahahah, adalah lebih seram dari 10 filem Syamsul Yusof didarab dengan 15 filem seram KRU.


Seram sampai tak boleh berfunction otak ni.

Nak mintak tolong mak, tapi, yang menyeramkan statement mak sendiri. Acane?


Seram siut. Gigil-gigil da ni. Ade makin demam ni karang.

Zankyo Reference


And it's so damn pretty. The Rui Hashimoto mini photobook I mean. So so so so so so prettyyy! And now for album review that shall be re-posted at my lj too. Okay. Might be. Not sure as of yet. :D

1. Coda
Music : Toru

50 seconds of introduction.

As usual, the introduction is always kinda creepy. BUT. Fits being an introduction. Gets you in the mood.

2. Lost and Found
Words; Taka
Music; Toru and Taka

MOTHER F-ING CRAP! Fully English song. I love how his grammar is decent. Makes me so proud of him~! Of course,the song is full of hatred. HAHAHA but that's OOR for you. Their songs are sometimes full of revenge and hatred and broken love. I don't know man. Taka is a broken hearted man I supposed. XD Awesome awesome awesome!

3. Answer Is Near
Words; Taka
Music; Toru and Taka

A previous single song.I can't say much about the lyrics since I don't really understand. But. Musical wise. I love it! Still a fast song. The chorus is what's best about this song. Projects Taka's voice so perfectly!

Words; Taka
Music; Toru and Taka

A TOTAL METAL HEAD BANGING BRAIN CRUSHING HEART MELTING SONG. If you love A7X, you probably will love this song. Also a fully English song. :D

5. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h
Words; Taka


I love this song. Go listen to it from my previous post. I forgot which one though. 8D

6. Mr. Gendai Speaker
Words; Taka
Music; Toru and Taka

Nobody can find me here
This is my secret place
No one knows and no one will know
But I feel like losing senses
I am in this corner here alone

SEE WHAT I MEAN? His perfect grammar.

And this time,it's a slower number. But strong on the guitar and bass. Love it.

7. Sekenshirazu no Uchuhikoshi
Words and Music; Tomoya and Ryota

I love the electronics feel to the music. And the lyrics has Cygnus! [All English so I know.lol] If this is the kind of masterpiece Tomo and Ryota come out with,they should do it more. :D

8. Re:Make
Words and Music; Taka

Another song full of hatred. HAHA I think it's a Taka thing. But but but I love the music. It showcases Taka's voice perfectly. Not too fast of a song, but not slow either. It fits in the middle. And I love the PV. It's a love.

9. Pierce
Words and Music; Taka

I shouldn't be in your heart
Either the time we have spent [I think he meant to say Neither the time we have spent]
And I want you to know what the truth is
But sometimes it makes me feel so sick, oh no
I just can't say to you, No I won't.

I love this song. The slow music, the dreads. And fact that they have Piano, Viola and Cello in the song to is like so <33333 This song breaks my heart.

10. Let's take it someday
Words and Musics; Taka

Lyrics don't make sense if you don't the Japanese. So no comments on lyrics. Musical wise, Taka Taka Taka..You impress me so much. :D

11. Kimishidai Ressha
Words; Taka

Awesome awesome awesome~! I love it. Very.. ONE OK ROCK. Compliments the whole album~ <3

12. Hidden track

The clapping = Awesome
The acoustic sounds = Awesome
Ryota's random voice = Awefreakingsome
The lyrics = Awefunnysome

I mean seriously, "First listen to this album." and some other bits and pieces I don't really get it's Japanese I'm no translator lol. But HOMG it's so damn awesome!

My ratings for this album.

Songs: 54 out of 5.
Photobook: 53 out of 5

tokimeki memorial

Comparing to the 1st version for NDS, I prefers so much of the 2nd version. The main characters is not

- A douche
- A stuck up jerk
- A selfish brat

And more..

- Funny
- Cute
- Insecure
- Friendly

I really like that he works at Sangosho instead of model his butt around. I... have a thing about people who doesn't work in the limelight. Well except Arashi and my Jrock biases.. teeehehehe

And he's so freaking cute. The whole,"If you're late I'll chop you." and totally karate chopped the player's character when she's late is so freaking dfunhidncnschihjnasijnhduiwehfiu cute! And and and when he says, "Well,I'll forgive you if you say it more cutely." KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~

Also I like the sports guy. Shiba-kun is way awesomer than the 1st version. Deeper voice uuu~ But Wakaouji is a bit... turn off tho. He's cute. But too cute for a teacher. I really prefer the previous version's. So much testosterone going on in the previous version. LOL

However, the girls aren't as much fun as compared to the 1st version. I still prefer the girls @ 1st version. Ufufufu~

All in all, I love both Tokimeki and I shall strive to get all the guys in both version. HOHOHO

Any Man of Mine

I actually like this book. However...

I'm quite.. pissed by the main character. HOMGGGGG KAU TAK BOLEH SLUTTY LAGI KEEEEE PEREMPUAN.


Autumn Haven. Naturally red-headed. According to Sam,has nice racks that could back up weird toenails. Nice butt. And big personality. But doesn't forgive nor forget easily. Takes 5 years to forgive Sam anyway. And blows hot and cold easily.


Way too easy. Sam maneuvered her way too easily. I was thinking that maybe,they'd end up together because Conner wanted them too. Or they started by being friends first. Get to know each other first. And then jump one another. Instead, they jumped each other, and then be friends/lover and then get to know one another. Like. HELLOOOOO? DIDN'T YOU LEARN THE FIRST TIME THAT HAPPENED?

I mean, I get it Sam was a better man. But seriously. SERIOUSLY.

But I enjoyed immensely reading the book.

I hate my taste sometimes.


Sunday, 9 October 2011


What in the world... I totally forgot about the 7 meme. HAHAHAHAH Oops. XD

Anyway,7 books.

7 books I recently read,and I like, or idk. Just. 7 books.

1. The Book of Tomorrow - Cecilia Ahern.

I'm not really a fan of Ahern. Especially since P/s:I love you. She was a little..I don't know. Even an Irish told me,she is not a good author. But I bought the book because the storyline seems good. I haven't finish this. I'll take some time. The flow is too slow. ufufu

2. Ingatlah Tempatmu di Akhirat - Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat;

A really good book. I have nothing to say about it other than, it's a really good book.

3. Any Man of Mine - Rachel Gibson

NC17. Woohoo~ I didn't know okay. I was like,Oh! Nice storyline,and I bought it and in the middle of it I was like...So..NSFW.But interesting nonetheless. Better than The Book of Tomorrow. Oops.

4. Westlife: Our Story

Yeah I read their book. It like a whole long interview but! It's a fun book to read. I love reading the boys' thoughts. The hardship they had to go through in order for them to succeed as they are today. And it kinda touches my heart. ♥

5. Pikanchi photobook 0415 0515.

I love the photobook. FOR REAL. I love how they keep everything a mystery and you need to buy it to unlock those beautiful mysteries. :DDDDl

6. flumpool fourbond

An artist book. Basically consist of prettiness and interviews which I enjoy immensely. It even shows Genchan's artwork. I can't not love that. :D

7. MMU's 12th Convocation program book.

Because it has my name. Teehe! Congratulations to alll graduate of 2011. Omedetou gozaimasu! :D

oh crushed crush..? XD

It was so weird.

But I had the closure I needed.

And thus.

I'm moving on.

Anyway. This is not a blog of an Arashi fan anymore. Well. I still love Arashi. It'll be a TOTAL lie if I say I don't love Arashi anymore. It's like. Love. Not "like" that you can forget in a blink of an eye. It's LOOOOOVEEEEEE. It's.. Passion too. Ah Arashi.. ♥

And Ninomi is like.. ♥ I can't even XD

But. I love someone else too. Well. I've liked them for quite sometime. But only recently decided to fall for them hard. Like,really really really hard.

They are,

ONE OK ROCK! [Pronounced like a Japanese pronunciation of One O'Clock. Yeah they're that cute. 8D]

Eh salah gambar.

Maybe I should get a more decent picture.. Without Alex.. Since Alex isn't in the band anymore..

Oh well. This is them. The ONE OK ROCK that I love. With all the eccentricity and all.

How can I not love them?It's impossible. I love the vocalist terribly. He's the.. epitome of all awesomeness. His voice is awesome. His personality is weird just the way I love it. His look is..well..he's hot with that goatie and all. His fashion sense is <3 He's just...So awesome!

So go enjoy the amazingness that is ONE OK ROCK. :D