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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Reviews - And Fan flailing.

First and foremost, flailing. xD

Warning: This post will contain major flailing and spoilers for Himitsu no Arashi-chan 2 Jikan Haru SP and also *drum rolls* Ooku. Oh sexy Ooku. :D

If you are willing to proceed,please do. どうぞ。

Himitsu no Arashi-chan decided to go grand and invited, *drum rolls* - I should take screencap. xD

Mickey! I love Mickey. He is the cutest mouse ever ever ever. In fact, the only cute mouse [besides Minnie] I've ever known.And he was so awesome during VIP Room. I mean, he freaking played drums!

Now people,that is real talent. :D I think last night I was flailing over Mickey-tachi more than Arashi-san. 8D He's just so cute okay. And Minnie,oh Minnie.I wanted to be her!So I can do this without having any other fangirling killing me.hahaha

And when this happened, I was like, "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Minnieeeeeee!!! ♥♥♥ 8D Mickey was devastated.Hahaha and *ahem*Sho*ahem* /bricked.

After that was Mannequin 5 SP [actually Mickey segment is between the start and end of Mannequin 5] and I laughed so much at them.I mean,Jun's nervousness - "What should I do if I'm called first?どうしましょう?どうしましょう?" and it just screams CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Bratty Nino is bratty. Can't explain more. And they're all gorgeous,as always. ♥ Sho,of poor Sho.But he seems to enjoy losing.Like he purposely lost. *sakumoto hormones going unnecessarily up* haha Then again,it's Sho.He was being true to himself.Which is a normal thing to cause him losing.nyahaha

After that,I settled up some stuffs for my DS [transferring and converting and trying to figure the hell out how to patch the game] and I've decided to buy another R4i card.To put PVs.LOOOTTSSSS of PVs.Lots and lotsssss of PVs.Enough for me to travel by train to Seremban.More than enough.幸せですわ~

Okay so then I watched Ooku. And.

I died.Like,a gajillion times.I died at "the" scene.I died every time Nino smiled.I died when Nino was fighting Tacchon.I died when Tacchon glared.OMG Tacchon.Since when has he become so hot?Okay.Forever.Chicchai Ossan is cute,Tacchon is cool. ♥

And and OMG the whole gayness made me O.O WTF But.Interesting storyline indeed.I love how Mizuno was all shy about his real feelings to O-Nobu and made her disinterested in him when all he really wanted to O-Nobu's love.I don't even currrr if O-Nobu is Maki-chan because her character in the movie is almost invisible.I would've preferred it if Mizuno ended up with Shogun because Shogun is pwetttyy.Oh my gah.Kou-chan is prettt.So freaking pretty. *chuus*

I think I will watch this movie,over and over and over again.Maybe apply "the" scene for my ongoing [mochiron not published] Matsumiya - uh - stuffs. 8D  Ah...Nino kawaisou na...First he was raped by an older woman in uh the chef drama,and then he didn't get to kiss anyone else [anyone young or actually woman] and then his sex scene now is with an older woman [a very old woman indeed xD] and though Kou-chan is pretty,she's still older than him. And it wasn't anything more than a kiss too.Jun is lucky to have Hanadan. xD

Wait.I have yet to review the movie.That was just pure flailing. xD

It started with Mizuno's life.Night life to be precise.Japan was losing men, due to redpox and men all over Japan was selling their seeds.That to say, money for sex.But Mizuno was different,though he was born in a poor family, he had decided to help the women trying to conceive by offering sex without payment.And at this,O-Nobu was quite jealous.

Then he decided to enter Ooku due to circumstances.So when he went to Ooku,it wasn't all glamourous clothes but dark hearted people.He was almost gang-raped [gays O.o] by a bunch of guys in the middle of the night. He was used by one of the higher people, so that he'll be picked out of the bunch to serve Shogun.Because once a man has served Shogun, he will be killed. When I got to know this I was like, O.O So anyway,Shogun decided to let Mizuno pretend that she was O-Nobu and proceeded with the uh duties [more sex? seriously I think this movie is all about sex lol]. But of course,being the different Shogun, she decided to not kill Mizuno and released him instead.

I think the whole plot, on Mizuno's part is rather... cliche. *starts finding flaws xD* I mean,it's a cliche that she's letting kind and not evil Shogun like normal Shogun.And it's cliche that O-Nobu still wants Mizuno after that many women he had slept with [with no protection too!what if he contracted the redpox? O.o] and it's a cliche she still longs for him. I mean,I'd probably leave Mizuno in a drop of a hat when he starts sleeping around.haha

But contradictorily, these cliches are what made the story interesting. The taboo storyline they venture into is what made this movie - watchable.

Will I watch it again?


Probably yes. :D Because it has Nino and "the" scene HAHAHA and also the complicated woman dominated world type of movie is just, nice for a feminist like me. :D

Oh and,just because I speak in English/Japanese and watch/listen to lots of Japanese/English stuffs,it doesn't make me any less Malay.And even if it does, as long as I know I'm a Muslim,it's fine for me. What's the use of being a Malay when you're not acting like a Muslim. :)

And that brings this post a fullstop.


A rare 4-shot for a Himitsu Mannequin SP xD Definitely will treasure forever. xD

And kudos for those non-Arashi who can spot the pants and actually understand what I'm saying here. xD

This post is so obviously written with a long gap in between post. xD I was busy. ufufu