Hey Syu.

Uninteresting human being.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


sometimes they tire me. but never once have they failed to cheer me up, whenever i need them.

they're just like rainbows. chasing a rainbow tiring,an impossibility. but if you need to calm yourself down after a stormy day, find the rainbow around you, look around. it'll be there to make you smile again.

and just like the rainbow, Arashi has become an existence i cannot live without. an existence that sometimes, defines so many things about my life.

one day, one very fine day, somewhere in the far future,you'll find me saying that i have lost interest in them. and trust me, when that happened,it is not because they have stopped colouring my life, it is only because i have stopped colouring my life.


For the 12 years of awesomeness,

For the little years for bringing rainbows to my life,

For the many years ahead for showing me what is happiness,