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Tuesday, 20 March 2012




I cried a few times..too emotional.
And screamed too.

Seriously. This is like - only a glimpse of the whole dvd.

*wants dvd*

And and.



Okay. Let me be calm and collected. And say what I wanted to say.

Dearest ONE OK ROCK メンバの皆さん、


Thank you, for the great songs you've given us for so long

Thank you, for the great lives you've performed

Thank you, for the great emotions you've given

Thank you, for the great people you gave us the chance to meet

Thank you, for the great joy you've given us

Thank you, for - for everything.

You've given not only songs


Joyful hours

But most importantly

Your music - even if my only a little - has help some people with their lives.

For that,

Thank you ONE OK ROCK.

Thank you.

You're the best band I could ever stan



Monday, 19 March 2012

Going home now.


I'm gonna watch the concert


Spamming but what the hell eh.;D

I don't usually talk about clothes and shoes.




Isn't in Malaysia. And I want the jacket.

I hetchu Ryota Ojisan for promoting everything Hurley. *cries*
The hoodies is super cool and awesome.

The t-shirts too are really really coolness.

Even the boxer - uh.. Nevermind on that.

Water bottle too!


Yet it's not in Malaysia.

WHY self why? Why do you like men clothings???

Oh also.

I need to hunt some vans shoes.

I wonder if the leopard print one is available in Malaysia.


Syu is looking for leopard print shoes. Only I want vans/converse. But I think I want vans. Converse has really really heavy shoes. Like super heavy I can't run in it.

Talk about converse. Mine is less than a year and it's tattered and battered. Pfft. Overusing XD But I think my red converse is happy being used. I should buy another converse. Only this time. I want it in a colour I've never had before.



So I can pair it with my purple jeans for deitos with Madi/Chii/Nasyer-tachi. And maybe I'll use it on Friday too.

Maybe not a good idea.


But first I need to find cool leopard print vans. If it even exist.

And then hi-cut leather-like shoes.

And then - shocking pink hi-cut converse.

But I know in the end.

Money won't go to the closet.

All will go to the racks.

Book racks and dvd racks.


I know I'm not making sense. But my brain just isn't functioning fully right now. I'm - I - eruhjsdkjkjkdjlk!!  I can't explain. Below photos will explain.

Okay maybe I'll explain. In a few words.







Makes no sense but.



I finally understand - what drove me to stop stanning Arashi as much as I did before.

It's not them. It's me. Peh kau ayat putus cinta.

When I first started to like Arashi, they were already really really big. They had the AAA and stuffs. But. They were not everywhere. Sure they have a lot of shows. But..How do I explain this. They have shows, dramas, singles, concerts, albums. Everything. Oh. And CMs. And I love all that. But at the same time it's tiring.

I love ONE OK ROCK and my Jrocks. I hope they get bestsellers for every single/album/dvd they're releasing. But. I wish they'll stay out of regular variety shows or dramas out of a sudden.

I.. love them. But the anticipation of waiting for the band to release something is .. for the lack of better word and I totally forgot the English - kurushii. But the moment they release stuffs -

bam wham pham!

K.O on my side.

I don't know how to explain it. It just feel so damn good.

I used to feel the same towards Arashi. The anticipation of waiting for a drama for a member. The single the cm the everything. But they have dramas every season now. Not saying it's a bad thing. Hell. I hope that pattern will continue for the next 20 years. But it's tiring. I'm not the kind who stan only 1 person in a band. But..when it comes to Arashi, I end up following only a certain person's progress or activities. And I feel bad about it.

I'm not comparing jrock and jpop or in this case Arashi specifically. I'm just justifying myself.

For myself.

I feel the need to do so. This blog isn't publicize everywhere because of this habit of mine. Telling myself why I feel what I feel.

Uh. Nevermind.

I just felt like talking okay.

And now I'm done.


YokoArena concert!!
I'll flail tonight.


If you fall down

Let me pick you up

No matter when

No matter how

Let me pick you up



And forever

Let me pick you up

Because after all

You're the best friend I could ever want

So love,

Let me pick you up

Let me pick you up

Let me pick you up

Let me pick you up


Allow me to pick you up

Let me pick you up

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alex Onizawa Ramon

If for some unknown and unworldly chance that you come across this blog after googling yourself, know that I think you're one helluva rock person! Totally awesome. Then, now, always.

It's sad I got to know this awesome man's existence only after he left ONE OK ROCK. But nevertheless. I'm glad I got to know.

He's tall. He's half American half Japanese. He's fluent in both languages [I think]. And he has really weird accent.

And damn it Alex, you're pretty and handsome. Also, when I say his accent is weird, it is by no mean in a bad way. I love the accent. Adds to his.. originality.

And one of my favourite song was written by him.

He's funny and gorgeous. 

But when he's on stage, he's also cool and collected. I absolutely love the way he plays guitar.

He can be silly. But hey - that's because he has silly company. Not that it's a bad thing. It's charming ♥

Most of the time he's handsome though.

Yeap. In ONE OK ROCK or not, I still love Alexander Onizawa Ramon

Only I once sulked because you said you like KARA. それはだめですよ。ま。。It's absolutely personal choice. But. *sigh* 

Well. Other than the fact that you like KARA, I love every other aspect about you. ♥

Including the naked photoshoot.


hahaha joking joking XD

And because I love you for your talent - be it modelling or writing songs or playing guitar - the tag is gonna be yours alone. I'm not combining with your old band.

So Alex.


And uh.. For all the images above, don't sue me Alex love ♥ tehehe

Been more than a year



Too busy with lives.

But I seriously hope they'll release an album or something soon.

Then again.
They just released their FIRST EVER Live dvd
And the rock bands compilation.

Man I want that cd.
They have Low IQ 10, SiM, Man With A Mission and coldrain! I don't recognise the rest of the band list.
The ones stated above is majorness awesome. 8D

And I'll buy three days of adrenaline
Once I've got my Yoko Arena ONE OK ROCK.

Priority people.


Their dvd is considerably cheap for a big act like them.

But I still want new album from them. *nods*

Counterfeits and Lies

When the world is full of counterfeits and lies
We'll have to find a way to not go blind
Cuz this feeling deep inside
Is proof we still have time
To make it all right

Inside our tv screens 7 days a week
They dominate the waves just to
Make us walk,talk and act like them
Their shows called "reality"
But it's more like a joke to me
Tell me where did you leave your pride
Let's take it back
To how it used to be

-Masato/coldrain/Counterfeits and Lies

Notes of remembrance

I close my notes of remembrance
Cast these lines which intertwine
You make me feel so many things


Feel so alone
It feels alright

You make me never forget
You make me run at you, yes
You make me feel so many things

I close my notes of remembrance

-Hosomi/the HIATUS/Notes of Remembrance

Photoshoot - 17/03/2012

It's Uncle Ryota.

After a while we have a photoshoot today.

In the photo is Nisshi the hair and make up stylist.
She has been helping us for about 5 years.
Quite a Rock person.

Since there's a lot of recording and songs making lately, I want to do a live concert, soon...!!