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Friday, 24 June 2011


This is not an angry post.

Okay bothering angry. It's the meme's fault. Since it's the second day,and second day's theme is,

7 hates.

Now.Just what do I hate.

1. Aside from FT Island,Lee Jun Ki,and those older actors and singers,I HATE KPOP FOREVEEEEEEEEERRR. Especially DBSK.

2. I hate KRU because Norman made a stupid statement about the banning of megaupload. I will forever not support their work anymore. Karak will be their last production that I will watch what so ever. HATTTTEEEE.

See?Angry post. xD

3. I hate the whole banning of Megaupload because I think it's a dumb move.

4. I hate guys who doesn't give up their seats for elders. Especially when they look at me expecting me to give up. Of course,I do give my seats to elders,but seriously,who's the one with balls here?

5. I hate people who speaks to me like they know me so much. This happens a lot before in MMU. "Syu mana pandang budak melayu weh.Dia kan suka org korea je." Which is really,a bit of a fuckery. xD Since I don't even like koreans,aside from thus mentioned above xD

6. I hate bitter gourd. And nasu. YADA. If it's the nasu who was once in KAT-TUN, that I ♥. Because he is just so freaking cute.

7. I hate myself. 8D

Because for me, there's no way you can love or hate anyone,if you do not feel the same on yourself.

Hey,I love myself.I hate myself too.It's not contradicting.It's a way for me to learn to be a better person.That's all. :D

But I think the most important hate is still the number 5 and number 1. xD


Gonna go back to Melaka todaaayyyyy.

Excites ♥ I've put dancing pvs in my DS.But I know,Mada Minu Sekai E will be on loop.The dance at 3:03 till 3:17 is just so hot okay. Like,super duper hot. 8D I love it. xD

Okay work hour has started.

Till then,


Thursday, 23 June 2011

7 days meme :D

Okay.I'm not the best person when it comes to daily meme.Skipping Saturdays and Sundays is a must.But.I think I'm gonna give this a try.

Day 1 - 7 Secrets
Day 2 - 7 Hates
Day 3 - 7 Loves
Day 4 - 7 Fears
Day 5 - 7 Wants
Day 6 - 7 Places You Want to Go
Day 7 - 7 Foods
Day 8 - 7 Books
Day 9 - 7 Films
Day 10 - 7 Things that matter the most

So.7 secrets.

Erh.Okay.Kinda awkward.But.

1. I stole money when I was a kid once. Shame on me.
2. I lied to mom when I was 9.I got number 14 in class.And I was soooooooo scared.I thought I've screwed up so I didn't tell her.
3. I think APink are cute. OMG The horror of admitting this. T.T
4. I had suicidal thought when I was 13 before.Hormones~
5. I used to be so scared of failbook.com
6. I failed on many things before and every single time I think of it,it depresses me.
7. I hate one of my family members.Yup.

Okay.Awkward.*prays nobody reads this*

and yet again another post.

I don't think I'll ever find myself updating my lj.I wrote down the things I wanted to.And then I forgot.And then.. I come here and my blog here will be update.And then I forget my lj.But at least I'm still reading my fpage.Or at least pretend to xD

And then there's the work O.O Work is work.Let's not think about it for the moment.

And then there's the screening.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!Okay jumping up and down,dancing around,singing to heart's content may not be the most healthy activity for the throat,and feet.But 8D It's healthy for the brain.I seriously felt relaxed last week after the screening.All thanks too Arashians.And Arashi.And the DVD of which the Kversion I am getting weeeeee~ :DDDDDD Cannot wait for it. Hopefully it'll arrive on the 13/14/15th July.It's like,my present for myself xD

And then there's the concert goodies. /dies. Arashi > Food is like a common thing among fangirls I think.ufufu Oh and I am so getting the penlight.I heard they can change colourrrrrs *oooooooooooo~* and I don't have any penlight yet.Penlight,is important in screenings. 8D And I want the photosets.The poster [because Jun has open legs on it HAHAHAH OKAYYY SHUTUP PERVERTS hahaha].The markers too.And perhaps tshirts and bags and charm er okay maybe not everything.

So money goes to Arashi.Yay :D

And I wanna go karaokeeeeeee.Alone.I want to sing and dance.Alone.It's gonna be fun.Like watching movies alone. 8D I need not worry about the way I behave around nobody no? 8DDDD

Yeap.I'm definitely a loner.