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Friday, 11 November 2011

perihal matluthfi90

Ala kesian adik sorang ni. Kerana merely stating his opinion, kena bomb lak kat channel sendiri.

Malaysian, Melayu sekalian. Rilex la.

He's STATING his opinion. Memberi pendapat. He's not pushing his opinions to anyone. Dia tak memaksa semua orang untuk bersetuju dengan dia.

Eh apsal saya pi translate ayat sendiri?

Ok back to the matter;


So much hate on the above video.




¬___________________¬ *nino-glare yay!*

Jangan la cakap Matluthfi90 dah lain. Kalau lain pun, salah ke? People change. People who don't change at all are people who are dead. YOU people changes daily. Unless you're dead and watching youtube from inside your grave.......

That's rather creepy actually.

So what about him changed? I don't see him change actually. He's still the pretty much honest dude with honest video saying honest opinions on youtube.

Probably the hair did change.. hmmm..

But anyway, I do agree with his video though after watching his video, Aliff Satar's song got stuck in my in and that is not something I want. Not at all. -_-"

People might think he's a snob for saying stuffs about the Malay songs. But he did comment on Grenade too. To be honest, I don't get the lyrics for the songs he stated. I don't even know they exist apart from the Baby baby baby and Bruno Mars'. Usually I'll be putting orz after saying this.However, I don't feel the lost at all for not knowing the songs from KRU and Fourteen and uh... sapa lagi sorang tu. Ah. Sofaz. Because I don't listen to them at all. I mean, I used to listen to KRU songs until they started to write crappy lyrics.

And the rest.... well let's just say,I grew up with Ebiet G Ade and Sheila Majid's songs. So my take on completely useless lyrics are a bit.... XD

So there. He's not the only one thinking the lyrics are a bunch of crap. Many people are.

To me, those who hated on the video are either;

1. Dead people who doesn't change and doesn't want him to change (saying it rudely would be wanting him dead)
2. Fans of the said songs.
3. Overly romantic people who listens to love songs all day *yawn*
4. A complete hypocrite who doesn't even buy the albums of the said songs/singers but claim to really love the songs/singers whatever.

As for me, I'll keep supporting Matluthfi90. Cuma saya tatau mana nak beli album Shweet Cangat dia tu. XD

Speaking of supporting, I really should buy YUI's album in the near future. T^T Walaupun bukan dari

This is promoting the single but Hello is in the album too so. yeah.

Panggil la saya ni tak patriotik ke apa ke. Peduli.

1.Kalau Malaysia lawan Japan dalam bola sepak, saya sokong Japan.
2.Kalau disuruh beli album antara err Faizal Tahir (sebab kat Malaysia saya paling suka dia haha) atau The BAWDIES, saya beli The Bawdies. Walaupun mahai sket la. Eh. Triple price sebenarnya orz T^T


Kalau disuruh saya lindungi negara saya dari Japan, saya akan kekal disini, melindungi tanah lahir saya.



Letakkan lah patriotisme anda di tempat yang betul.

Peace and out!

p/s: Iyer Matluthfi comel gile cute kyut fudhincknd,nckjnnjksdfnkjs *squish*. 好き!