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Friday, 1 July 2011

7 Places

Not necessarily realistic but I try to keep it..grounded.

1. Mekah. Obviously.

2. Japan. The hell with people saying it's dangerous. There was earthquakes in Alaska damn it. Kalau dah ajal,kat mana2 pun akan meninggal juge.

3. Melaka. I miss home okay.

4. Gombak. I do not like Tok Mat Tower okay. Nak balik rumah. Rasa nak balik lepas tu tidur.

5. Pluto. Seriously.

6. New Zealand. ♥

7. Toilet.


Thursday, 30 June 2011


Assalamualaikum and good morning :)

Let's just get to the point.

7 wants.

1. Most important want right now. I want Aiba-chan to get better. T_T And cured from the pneumothrax or however that's really should be spelled. T_T

2. I want Arashi to stay strong and do Aiba's part whenever they can. And get enough rest so they too won't fall sick.

3. I want Aiba-chan not to feel guilty again. T_T 

4. I want my Dome DVD already T_T

5. I want to sleep.

6. I want to eat.

7. I want Arashi to keep being Arashi that makes me happy. ♥

But seriously,the first 3 wants are super important right now.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I forgot to update on the meme yesterday.My bad. xD

So,7 fears.

1. Allah the Almighty. :)

2. Heightsduicvhiuwsnxionuiwehil. I think this is widely known. But surprisingly [I'm surprised myself.haha],I've been on a canopy walk,been inside a feris wheel,and some swinging ship. 8D But never up on a tree and never more than 2 steps of ladder. Oh and I can't stand on chairs or desks either.

*sneezes* I got cold. ~_~

3. Needles. Er I mean syringe. I think I almost fainted when I had my blood taken. And cried when I had my BCG and tetanus injection. -_-"

4. Blood. Ever since the incident that caused my thumb to be a bit distorted, I cannot stand seeing blood that comes out abnormally. I mean I'm a woman. And let's be honest, it'll be stupid to freak out over my own period. LOL But if it's from a deep cut or from nose,I'll freak out. Oh,and I didn't dare looking at the blood inside the syringe when my blood was taken orz.

5. I don't have many fears okay. Erm. Okay. Clowns and dolls. They are just WAAAYYYY too creepy kay.

6. Being alone. I mean,not being alone when everyone goes to work and I'm alone at home. I'm too used to that. But rather,being left alone. Abandoned. Everyone I love gone to heaven leaving me alone. That kind of loneliness.

7. Men. Bad men. Not batman ;p Because I believe that bad men are worst than ghost. If you see ghost, and recite Ayatul Kursi, the possibility of the ghost leaving you alone is like,100% dengan izin Allah :D But if it's idk,a raper..unless you get a weapon and hurt his balls,he's not leaving you alone. Right? Which is like,super scary. -_-"


It's so cold lately in KL. Morning rain is a very welcomed thing. But not when you have work waiting.Hopefully it won't rain on the 11th July tho. Or my outing will be difficult. Yada T.T

And,the I've been listening to songs for Beautiful World. NYAN. Awesome. I'm gonna be loving this album. Nyan nyan NYAAAN XD


Urgh cold. -_-"

Monday, 27 June 2011


This is not some mushy post where I talk about some random guy I fall in love with. Okay,maybe not so random,but I do love him. I mean,what's not to love about Jun ♥ [It's like the symbol ♥ is embedded in my mind every time his name crosses my mind] But this is not about him. It's about,da dum~

The meme 8D

7 things I love.

Lemme see..I can list out 700 things I hate,but 7 things I love?

1. Technology. Seriously, I cannot live without my NDS and mp3. Especially NDS. Phone,is optional. haha

2. Arashi concerts' dvds. Because I can't go to Japan yet. Even if I can,I still love their dvds to bits. *dances to Hadashi no Mirai* clap clap ah clap~ xD

3. Arashi goodies. PHOTOSETTTTTT. Ordered through Madi. Ureshii desu. :D

4. Dodol goreng tepung. Sedapppppppp :D

5. My job. Because no job = no money = no Arashi goodies = sad life. xD

6. Boost. Specifically the Strawberry Squeeze. :D

7. Stationery.


The things I love are rather...normal no? XD

And I watched one episode of Code Blue 2.Pi was.Erm.No.Pi.He,sucks.Like seriously.I like the drama.It was a sad episode that I accidentally watched.Gakki was great.Erika was too.And the girl who played Saejima was great.Pi.Pi was Pi.He was a doctor,and yet,his face,all on his face was a blank canvas.Like he has no feeling.

It's the eyes. T.T

So now I shall buy Code Blue dvd.I want to watch the drama.Not because of Pi obviously,but because the story itself is really nice.Yay~

And I have nothing else to say.

Oh.Melaka was fun :D:D:D Nawwar's wedding was fun. :D:D:D The carnival was SUPER FUN. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D