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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I lost.

Having wp without the will to update is like having no wp at all.

I just prefer blogspot/livejournal okay.

And 7 books. O.O

I must be crazy trying to attempt to review 7 books. It is hard to remember the books okay. I'll skip that first. [my meme sukati la haha] I'll do... 7 films first.

er.. Lemme see....

Ape hah?

7 favourite movies.

Listed to whatever comes to my mind first. Not because I like 1 better than 2 or whatever.

1. Interview With The Vampire.


Brad Pitt - Check
Tom Cruise - Check
Vampires who burns when exposed to sunlight - Check
Naked sc- err

I think most people have heard of this movie. It's ♥ right? :D

2. Titanic.

No I do not like only movies with naked ladies. I just like the way the story is told. I think I watched it when I was 9 years old. Or a bit older than that. I remember I watched it during the first of Syawal tho. 8D And the way they showed the sinking of it is just... O.O

3. Transformer 3.

Because there is no Megan Fox. It's like Uncle Dudley's happiness when there's no post on Sunday. 8D I hope the happiness isn't short-lived like Uncle Dudley's too.


Oh man.

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Because Rob Patt died.

Need I explain more?


By now you should know Twilight would never make into the list. Unless I make another one. Suckiest movie list.haha *haters gonna hate*

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Not gonna spoil. But I love it because it marks the end of HP. The end of my childhood. I am now a grown woman. Ready to take on the world.

*weeps at a corner*

6. The Da Vinci Code

Also a movie I love because I love the book. And I love a book/movie where people solve things. :D

7. The Faculty.

Very old movie. Back when Elijah Wood was still scrawny ... wait .. he's pretty much still scrawny XD
I love this for the Elijah,and the Hartnett.When people among me was going on and on about Tomok and I was in a dreamland full of Aliens and hot guys. Damn I felt so cool. haha XD

Anyway,the graphic of this movie was believable considering the time when they produced the movie. It was no transformer but the aliens were,alien-y!

Now. 7 movies I hate and have watched.

1. Twilight.

Er the first movie. I watched only the first. Because sparkly vampires who stalks girl at night is not my cup of tea. :)

2. Kongsi.

A malay movie. I say it's kinda dumb. The ending. I don't get it. It's supposed to be a comedy. But. IDK. It's not fun.

3. KL Gangster.

I think I am forever gonna hate this movie the moment someone decidedly compared it to Harry Potter. O.O WTF?

4. High School Musical.

I can never seem to finish this movie. It's always 30 minutes - falls asleep. Maybe it's the pastel colours. Hmm.

Or maybe it's just Zac Efron. He looks too much like Ken.

5. Sayang You Can Dance.


6. Zathura

Because there's Kirsten Stewart.Haha okay Lie. IDK. It's just a bit tooooooo.. Jumanji-ish? I grew up with Jumanji. Watched over and over. And suddenly comes the girl with empty face in Zathura. Can't expect me to like it.


And I can't think of any other movie I don't like. Oh perhaps any Malay movies produce by Shamsul Yusof. He's always overrated. I don't even know why his movies are always popular. Do I watch them? Yes. Do I like them? lol No.


Twilight fans,don't kill me. I just love Anne Rice. Meyer's version of sparkly vampires with pedophile werewolves simply turns me off.

Because admit it, Tom Cruise is the hottest Lestat in history. XD