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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Of Kazu and NDS and ... me?

Luciano is probably my favourite guy so far. He's so... aloof?I don't know.I feel like a DoM and sometimes a DoS when I'm with him. DoF?

So to say,I'm into games these days. Like,really into games ♥ But please,not facebook game.They're toooo realistic. Like waiting for the crops to grow,the fishes to die,and so on. At least with DS I can play 10 days of Princess Debut in one night - and become very sleepy the next day. :p

So far I've only been playing Princess Debut, Kingdom Hearts, Tales on Innocence and a few other games. Common ones like Mario and Cooking Mama. Oh.And Taiko no Tatsujin ♥

And these days I always feel like meeting the 4DS just so we can flail on games. I mean, how often can you find someone who plays the exact game you're playing? Not very often. Plus!The 4DS-es are also Arashi fans. And thus, killing two birds with 1 stone. Yay. Okay lame but whatever.

Oh.And I'm meeting BB [not blackberry.duh] This weekend.On Sunday. To watch Gantz [Part 1].Excited? HELL TO THE YEEEAHH! So,looking forward to meet my girls and watch my man [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH] acting with his....his.... uh... tight suit in with guns and a lot of violent actions. Yum~

Oh and Kazu?It is both my man [lol perasan.sukati la xD] anddd my DS ♥ Yes DS' name is Kazu because I don't know what else to name him and it's the only name that pops inside my head. Other than ohmylovelygorgeousbrattysamathesecond. But that'd be too long for a name. Bet ya it'll beat Kip's full name. Teeehehehe

So. Back to work.


p/s:Have yet to meet Soffihani since I came to KL. T_T